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Colin Cowherd: How the 49ers Absolutely Destroyed the Eagles

Colin Cowherd: “It’s official – the San Francisco 49ers are the most talented team in the league and it’s not worth arguing. They’re 9-0 when healthy. They blew the doors off the Cowboys and humiliated the Eagles. Brock Purdy had eight touchdowns and no picks against the Cowboys and Eagles, and he’s a seventh-round pick. Their physical style and the age of some of San Francisco’s stars – they are weathered and have taken a lot of hits and get banged up – makes them vulnerable to injuries. Philadelphia’s, Baltimore’s, Detroit’s, Cowboys’, and the Chiefs’ best chance is to catch the Niners in a week Trent Williams has a sore hammy or Deebo is not quite right. That’s your chance to beat them because at full strength they humiliate you. Philadelphia has a huge issue in this matchup that is not going away... Their cornerbacks and linebackers are kind of ‘just guys’, and San Francisco’s skill players – tight ends, receivers, running backs -- are Hall of Fame-level players. It is a big problem that is not going away. The trade deadline has passed and it’s not changing. It’s why Deebo Samuel was talking trash, and that’s why the staff was confident and coached the way it did. They saw Deebo, Kittle, Aiyuk, McCaffrey, Trent Williams, and Brock Purdy, and they looked at that Eagles secondary and those linebackers, and they knew it was a mismatch. It was a mismatch against Dallas, but it’s more problematic against Philadelphia because Dallas has some players on the back end... Micah Parsons, Bland, Stephon Gilmore – Philadelphia is pretty weak back there. We have to honest about Philadelphia... They lost both linebackers and they lost both coordinators. They were GOOD coordinators. Their offensive coordinator Shane Steichen can make the playoffs with Gardner Minshew. Last year their defense was 8th, this year it’s 24th. Last year Jalen Hurts played comfortably and with huge leads, now he often trails and he’s out-gained. The NFL season is truth serum; eventually the weather gets crappy, your team is dinged up, and the truth comes out. The truth is San Francisco is the most talented team in the league. Philadelphia may be second but they’re way back. Philadelphia misses their great offensive coordinator Shane Steichen and they’re not the same offense, and frankly, they’re VERY average on the back end. San Francisco has better players, a better coach, a better system, and better momentum. That was a statement and it wasn’t a fluke, or luck. Better players, better coach, better momentum, better health – blowout.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the San Francisco 49ers finally lapped the Philadelphia Eagles atop the NFL’s hierarchy. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Sunday’s 42-19 blowout in Philadelphia was vindictive of an Eagles team who isn’t the same apex predator that hey were last season.  

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