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Colin Cowherd: Bears Need to End the Justin Fields Era in Chicago ASAP

Colin Cowherd: “Justin Fields, it’s OVER. The first sign you don’t have a franchise quarterback – your defense gets four interceptions and you can’t manufacture a single touchdown. The second sign – your offensive coordinator doesn’t want you to throw the ball down the field. Thirty-three starts; if you went to a standup comedian for 33 minutes and didn’t laugh, he’s not funny. Great, he’s athletic... I would watch him if he went to Atlanta. I’d move him to Atlanta, get a third-round pick, he’d be fun with Drake London, Bijan Robinson, Kyle Pitts... But the Chicago thing is over. Top franchise quarterbacks do two or three things really well – they see the field, process quickly, and accurately deliver the ball. I just don’t see it [with Fields], we’ve got 33 starts. He’s not good enough to pass on a much better college prospect who doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, Caleb Williams. Justin Fields has 35 fumbles in 35 games, a passer rating in the low 80s, a completion percentage barely above 60... Caleb Williams is a better prospect, you’ll be able to restart the rookie salary clock, and it will put a new energy in the building. CJ Stroud in game 1 with four backups on the offensive line and no run-game – the Texans staff let him sling the ball all over the field. Thirty-three starts and they don’t want him to throw the ball down the field. Fifteen of his 27 completions [on Monday Night Football] were at, or behind the line of scrimmage. He had one completion over 20 yards and that was at the end of the game when the Chicago coaches had no choice. And that’s with DJ Moore, a number one receiver who is open a lot down the field. When you have to consider going to a third coach it’s probably not the coaching. The common denominator in Chicago is Justin Fields. You guys bang on Mitch Trubisky, and I was never a fan, but he went to the playoffs twice when Aaron Rodgers was in his prime in Green Bay, and Matthew Stafford was still in Detroit. The division is wide open now. Trubisky went 11-3 with Matt Nagy his first year. The one year Justin Fields had Matt Nagy he was 2-8. Yes, he’s athletic, yes, he seems like a nice kid, yes, this organization doesn’t do a great job drafting and developing quarterbacks, but Caleb Williams is a better prospect, you start the rookie salary clock, it’s a new energy in the building, Caleb doesn’t turn the ball over a lot, and he’s been running for his life the last two years too. He’s athletic enough to get a second opportunity, I'd love to see him play in Atlanta. Thirty-three starts, completes about 60% of his throws, low passer rating, lot of fumbles... He’s got a number one receiver, good tight ends, the o-line isn’t as awful as everybody claims, capable running backs, and the coaches won’t even let him throw the ball down the field. This league is about ‘can you see the field, deliver it accurately, don’t turn it over, win games, and stay healthy?’ -- he’s not checking a lot of boxes, IT’S TIME.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Chicago Bears need to move off Justin Fields this off-season when the Bears will likely have multiple top 5 picks that can be used to draft Caleb Williams or Drake Maye as their next quarterback of the future.

Fields is just 7-26 as a three-year starter in Chicago, with an 83.1 passer rating and 61.0% completion percentage, and Chicago play-callers appear to have zero faith in Fields being able to complete passes thrown further than ten yards down the field.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he believes it’s over for Fields in Chicago, but not necessarily over as a potential starting quarterback somewhere else.  

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