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Colin Cowherd on CJ Stroud: 'We Have Another Great Quarterback'

Colin Cowherd: “CJ Stroud is first in yards per game, TD/INT ratio, and Big Plays, but there’s something that really jumps out to me... How is he trailing? Nine touchdowns and no picks. Baker Mayfield when leading and comfortable looks really good, but it’s Mahomes, CJ Stroud, and Joe Burrow when they’re trailing. Quarterback play is not as linear as people want to make it out to be. A lot of guys are good off-script... They’re called STARS. Almost all guys not named Jordan Love are good on-script in the first quarter, but what are you trailing? Trailing with under two minutes left, CJ Stroud’s passer rating is 127. He is the anti-Mac Jones, he’s the anti-Zach Wilson. The big winner is not just the Houston Texans or CJ Stroud, another big winner is the NFL. We have another great quarterback. There’s three quarterbacks in my opinion: Andrew Luck, Justin Herbert, and CJ Stroud that midway through their rookie year, and not playing with much, we all went ‘WHOA!’... The first nine starts CJ Stroud has the third-most passing yards ever. Number one is Andrew Luck, number two is Justin Herbert. Herbert had a terrible offensive line, Luck had a terrible EVERYTHING. CJ Stroud has a rookie everything. As good as Herbert and Luck were in terms of productivity, they weren't as good as CJ Stroud in crisis and trailing late. You get productive and you get clutch – some of this is just innate. I don’t know how you teach it. I don’t know you how you teach the ability to be calm in crisis.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss CJ Stroud’s scorching rookie season that has seen him go from ‘the guy behind Bryce Young’ to a potential MVP candidate.

Stroud leads the NFL in passing yards per game and has the sixth-highest QB rating, with a 15/2 touchdown/interception ratio to boot.

Check out the segment above as Colin compares Stroud to former rookie greats Andrew Luck and Justin Herbert, and raves about Stroud’s play in the clutch and down the stretch. 

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