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Jason Whitlock Calls 'Entitled' Colorado Team the 'Black Duke Blue Devils'

Jason Whitlock: Deion’s son is one of those private [school], rich and entitled kids. Dude drives a Maybach. Before the game he was out flashing his Rolex in front of the Colorado State players. He wears a big gold chain and drips with all the arrogance of his father. All the money, wealth, and privilege supported Colorado. All those Black, elite millionaires were on Colorado’s sideline. Colorado is basically the Black Duke Blue Devils. If you listened to the Black ESPN broadcast, Mark Jones and Louis Riddick, you would have thought Coach K was patrolling the sidelines for Colorado. You would have thought someone as accomplished as Mike Krzyzewski was patrolling the sidelines for Colorado. They used to make fun of Dick Vitale for kissing Coach K’s butt. Deion has won three FBS football games and Mark Jones and Louis Riddick, and everybody in the media is treating him like he’s Coach K, like he’s re-invented coaching. Think about how Black sports fans and liberal sports fans used to treat Duke like a pariah, and call them ‘racist’, ‘entitled’, and ‘privileged.’ Now that the Black team is Duke, and privileged, and arrogant, and entitled, and hypocritical, and real easy to dislike—oh, now that’s ‘special’, and the greatest thing since sliced bread. And you’re wondering why Colorado State took the field with an attitude, and with animus and emotion bubbling from within. I’ve seen it a million times. City school vs. that rich and entitled school, losing its discipline because the anger and animus has run too high and it ends up costing them the game. If you don’t like Duke and you don’t like the rich private school that is dominating high school sports in your city, you wouldn’t be rooting for Colorado and Deion Sanders."

Watch Jason Whitlock of Fearless call out Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes for turning into the ‘Black Duke Blue Devils’ of college football, and symbolizing a ‘rich’, ‘entitled’, and ‘privileged’ group of high-society elites that detested Duke basketball teams of the 1990’s and 2000’s were synonymous with.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says Colorado’s embellished favoritism and bias in the media during this three-game win streak is also reminiscent of the media’s obsession with former Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, saying that Deion is currently receiving the same ‘butt-kissing’ that went on for decades when ESPN announcers would constantly serenade Coach K and Duke basketball as the gold standard of the sport.

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