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Colin Cowherd: Kirk Cousins Couldn't Get This Jets Team to the Playoffs

Colin Cowherd: “I saw this this morning: ‘Jets Need to End Zach Wilson experiment and Trade For Kirk Cousins.’ Here are the arguments for it... Zach Wilson is not very good, they got about $10 million in cap space, Kirk Cousins would cost them about $10 million, and his contract is done at the end of the year; you can just bring him on for a season. My argument is BE HONEST. Is this a playoff team with Kirk Cousins? You’re going to tell me with a defensive coach, defensive culture, with a bad o-line, Kirk Cousins learning a playbook in-season, in the AFC, in a division with Miami and Buffalo, you think that’s a playoff team?? Would the Jets do it? I think Woody Johnson would, he has a history of making moves and not being patient. My thing is you have to give up draft picks. This team has some things they have to get next year—first round: left tackle. I don’t think they have a second-round pick, they need to get a weapon or three, and they also need to draft another young quarterback. Zach will be gone, Cousins will be gone, and Aaron will be coming off an injury. Learning another playbook, defensive culture, shaky o-line, Miami is clearly a better team, Buffalo at home when they face them next is better as well-- I don’t think it’s a playoff team.” (Full segment above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the future of the winless New York Jets, as rumors will continue to swirl with each passing loss about the prospects of the team going out to acquire to derided veteran quarterback Kirk Cousins, who is in the final year of his contract on an 0-2 Minnesota Vikings team with a bleak outlook. 

Check out the video above as Colin details why he still doesn’t see the Jets as a playoff team, even with a former Pro Bowler in Cousins relieving former no. 2 overall pick draft bust, Zach Wilson.  

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