Hue Jackson Is A Used Car Salesman

Hue Jackson was on the sideline for the Cleveland Browns' 35-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals Sunday morning, the Bengals sideline. The former Browns HC was let go by Cleveland on Oct. 29 and found himself a member of the Bengals coaching staff and coaching against his former team just 27 days later.

After Baker Mayfield threw for 258 yards and four touchdowns, he came face to face with the HC that drafted him and coached him for the first eight weeks of the season. The rookie QB gave his former HC a less than welcoming handshake and moved on. 

Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn react to Mayfield's cold shoulder and question how Jackson is even allowed to be a member of a coaching staff when he was a HC just a few weeks ago. 

Listen to Jonas Knox and Brady Quinn Sunday nights from 8-11 PM ET on Fox Sports Radio


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