Callista Clark & Kenjon Barner Share Hot Takes On Country, Sports & More

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Kenjon Barner cranked up the volume on Callista Clark’s “It’s ‘Cause I Am,” and the sing-along landed him in a game of Hot Takes with the country artist herself.

The Super Bowl champ explained to iHeartRadio host Emily Curl that he was with his trainer in New Mexico when Clark's song came on the radio. The sassy single introduced Clark, an iHeart On The Verge Artist, in a “bold” way:

“I can't help that I'm one of a kind / I’m more than meets the eye / If I ain't what you like / Well that's alright / You want a one-dimensional woman / It's okay, I understand / If I seem too complicated for ya / Mmm it's 'cause I am / It's 'cause I am”

Barner dished that he connected with Clark’s lyrics: “I’ve been told maybe once or twice that I’m complicated, so hearing that song listening to the words…I’m like yeah this is my song,” he told Curl. “It’s a great song, beautifully written and it really touched home.” Clark, 17, gushed that the video of Barner singing along to her song “was my favorite thing I’ve ever seen…I sent it to my cowriters the second I saw it.”

That’s why iHeartCountry had to make sure Clark and Barner (virtually) met for the first time with a game of Hot Takes, spinning the wheel and choosing between two beloved options in country and sports categories. The two revealed who they’d crown king and queen of country music, the “real” American pastime (baseball or football — and the responses might surprise you), and more.

Barner even professed his love for country music when he admitted his favorite guilty pleasure: “I’m gonna be honest, I’m gonna be real honest… my guilty pleasure is taking a bubble bath, lighting candles and listening to country music. I kid you not.”

The NFL star even said he’d buy tickets when Clark hits the road on fellow country artist Chris Young’s “Famous Friends” Tour, along with Mitchell Tenpenny. The tour kicks off next month in Little Rock, Arkansas. See the hist of dates here.

Watch Clark and Barner play Hot Takes here:

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