Kehlani Defends Her Choice Of Kicking Kyrie Irving Fan Out Of Her Concert

Yesterday (June 13), Kehlani celebrated the Golden State Warriors win against her ex-boyfriend Kyrie Irving's team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Later on in the day, she even kicked out an Irving fan at one of her shows. 

The heckler yelled "Kyrie!" while Kehlani was onstage. At first, it looked like she was just going to ignore him. But, the singer/songwriter decided to defend herself and told security to kick the guy out of her concert. Loud cheers of approval were heard from her audience when she did this.

"Who said that? Point 'em out. Y'all better be loyal to me in this b**ch," Kehlani said, as she looked for the heckler from the stage. "Get his b**ch ass out of here. F**k you! We don't play that stupid ass s**t up in here. Come on." Watch the moment below. 

**WARNING: Explicit language**

Later on Instagram, the singer revealed her reasoning for snapping at this trouble-making person. After years of being bullied by the public, Kehlani is confident enough to defend herself. Read her message about kicking out the heckler below. 

We're proud of you, girl!

Photo: Getty Images

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